The Best Electronics to Own in 2017

This year is going to be quite a great one for electronics. Everything else I the world seems so be falling apart, but those who have their eyes on the entertainment industry know that this is something that’s going to be great to be a part of. There are all sorts of new gadgets, TVs, games, and other things coming out. The important thing is that there are now a few curve balls being thrown into the industry.
The Nintendo 64 is making a comeback. Amazon has released an A.I. personality like Siri. There is a cooler being sold for $1500 with jaw-dropping specs. And that’s just the start of the electronics boom that’s taking place in 2017.

The Electronics Scene of 2017

Nintendo 64

In mid-December of 2016, Game Stop said that the most wanted retro console out there was the Nintendo 64, and they were right. There are lots of advantages of this old system over many of the new ones. First, many people already own it, and won’t need to go purchase a console they already have. Many people are already familiar with many of the popular games on the N64, like Mario Kart and Mario Party, for example. The N64 is gaining popularity as Nintendo brings certain retro games into the Wii, reminding gamers of the fun they used to have on this old console.

PS4 Pro / Xbox One S

The console companies took a hint from apple, and basically placed an “S” next to each of their latest editions. The Xbox One S is a major upgrade over the Xbox One. It’s lighter, to start, and has better Wi-fi than the predecessor. It also has controllers with better grip. It also delivers 4K content on Netflix and Amazon Video. The PS4 Pro is a significant upgrade as well, particularly in its ability to deliver content worthy of 4K screens.


Speaking of 4K screens, the longer these televisions are out the more necessary they will seem. Whether all the extra pixels are entirely necessary or not, many people will begin to want them after they see these great screens up in their friends’ homes. A 4K television looks particularly good up close, so if someone is skeptical all they need to do is go up close and check out the screen for themselves.

Alpine PWD-CB1

This cooler would be taking the world by storm, if not for its hefty $1500 price tag. Nevertheless, it’s still an amazing device, with all sorts of benefits like the ability to keep beverages cold, and built-in speakers. There is also an illuminated control panel, and 10 or 15-amp power mode. It’s also water-resistant, which means that it can be taken out on the water and no one needs to worry about it getting wet.

Amazon Echo / Echo Dot

The Amazon Echo and Echo Dot are two newish devices that feature the Amazon Alexa, the A.I. personality designed to give a great experience to users who are wanting to ask a question such as what the traffic or weather is like. It’s also able to play music and the Echo Dot has an output that enables it to plug into the owners’ bigger household speakers, if they wish. All of which makes this one of the best items to own in 2017.
Each of these pieces of electronics are going to be some of the most exciting pieces to own in 2017. There will be more to come along as there always is, but for now this is some of the best there is.

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