Familiarity Breeds Contempt

Most employees already have a smart phone of their own, as well as the one their company provides, so they are comfortable with the technology and don’t experience a learning curve when accepting a company-sponsored device. That’s the good news. The bad news is that their personal experience on these devices may have led to a series of bad habits that will reduce their productivity when working for your company.


One question many employers should be asking themselves is whether their employees expectation for “connectedness” means they will spend lots of their work time on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pintrest. And what about their expectation that the device in their hand is a great way to text their friends and email their brother and search Yelp to see where they should go to dinner tonight after work.

Employers who are concerned about the productivity lost to these distractions do have options to combat this behavior. One option would be to implement Cell phone tracking software across their organization, which enables employers to monitor an employee’s activity by tracking their smart phone, iPad or other mobile device.

After all, cell pone tracking software can monitor and log virtually everything  that goes on in an employee’s mobile device.

  • It logs their GPS coordinates at 5 minute intervals
  • Employers can detect when they arrive at work, when they leave, how long they take at lunch, and where they go when on company business outside the office
  • It logs the internet sites they visit and the time they spend there.
  • If employees spend hours every day on Facebook, this can be detected
  • It logs the complete details and content of the emails they send and receive.
  • So conducting personal business on company time and company equipment can be identified.
  • It logs the content and recipients of text messages sent and received
  • Texting back and forth with friends and family will be obvious

In some cases, employees will think nothing of sending repeated text messages or emails back and forth with their friends from their company mobile device, even though it breaks company policy and wastes valuable time. Employers who can identify this behavior can take the opportunity to correct this activity before it becomes a problem.

New employees just starting their careers may have had smart phones, iPads or other mobile devices since they were pre-teens. Their use of these tools is comfortable and habitual, and they may not have ever thought about the difference between a personal use and a business one. When developing this new talent, companies may have to deal with behavioral norms that didn’t affect business ten years ago, including educating new employees about the proper way to use technology as part of the workforce.

When used as a management tool, cell phone monitoring software can be a very effective means to help guide new employees toward productive habits and activities. Using the logged information provided by a dedicated cell phone tracking software tool, a manager can help a young employee understand what is appropriate, what is tolerated and what is unacceptable, so that they can make good choices in how they use mobile devices in their work now and throughout their careers.