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Gaming PC Basic Tips and Tricks: What to Know Before Buying

tips and tricksA PC for gaming is typically a top of the line device and its components matter significantly. When shopping for a gaming computer system, you should carefully research components, operating systems and accessories to ensure your machine will run the games you wish to play smoothly and efficiently. No matter what your budget, you can build or purchase a quality machine. There are used and new options to buy and build.

There are many things to consider when building or purchasing a computer for gaming. What games will you be playing? We’ve listed a few of the thing you should be considering below to get you started.

The central processing unit (CPU) is of great importance when building or purchasing a PC. Processors have two major specifications: clock speed and amount of cores. Clock speed is expressed in the form of GHz (gigahertz). 2-3GHz is pretty typical for gaming. The number of cores you have also influence how your game is displayed and played. PC’s can have 2-6 cores or more. Opt for a gaming PC that has high clock speed over the number of cores. 4 Cores is ideal. You don’t need excessive cores to play games on your computer.

Inadequate RAM can be performance killer. Most games recommend you have at least 8GB of memory available to allow for smooth play. Excessive amounts of RAM aren’t necessary though and can actually hinder performance. There is definitely a middle ground you want to stay within. Somewhere in the 8-15GB range is optimal.

Installing a solid-state drive is much like installing a giant flash drive. Users who have this extra storage see faster game start times and smoother, speedy level load times. If your budget allows, you can purchase an SSD with an entire terabyte of storage. Many smaller options are also available. Storage can also be important if you wish to add other things to your machine, like the best cell phone spy apps, office programs, save e-mails, etc. The more things you put on the device the more storage you’ll need for it to run smoothly.

A good rule of thumb to follow when selecting a GPU (graphics processing unit) is to purchase the newest model in the price range you can afford. There really are no special or “better” options. Simply get the best that you can afford.

Other Things to Consider
• A wired, fast internet connection will also make a significant difference in your online gaming experience.
• If you plan on playing specific games only, build or buy your computer according to the minimum performance requirements of that game.
• Accessories are also important parts to a gaming computer. Retailers have keyboards, mice and controllers just for PC gaming.
• Monitor size: make sure your monitor is large enough to play games comfortably. Opt for a high resolution display to show graphics and wording with clarity.

Now that you have the basics, take a look around at some of your options available in your nearest computer shop or online, formulate a budget and begin planning your purchase. Let us know how it turns out!

Do you have any must-have PC gaming tips and tricks to share about dealing with games or the products available on BCPSA? Let us know in the comments!