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How is a Cell Phone App Created?

cell phone spyIf you love using cell phone apps you may wonder how they are created. There are everyday people coming up with their own ideas for an app.  You can use a special software program that will help you develop your content. Cell phone apps, also known as an application, are created with the use of engineering and software design.  A number of steps are involved in the process including choosing a platform to launch the app from.  Along with going through a detailed process, developers also determine if an app can be free or downloaded for a fee.  The cost users pay to access the app depends on steps involved during creation and the software used in the process.

Developers First Determine What They Want the App to Do (Type of app)

The first step in the creation process of an app is to determine the type of app it will be.  When this is determined other elements are considered to help build the app.  For example, if you choose to create a financial app, you may have ideas that will work for a program for a specific market.  You can lay out ideas and begin a rough draft plan of what your final idea may look like. Developers may get ideas based on the market they are developing for. They may look at other apps already available to see how they can make their different.

cell phone spyA Platform is Chosen to Launch App

A platform is where the app will be launched.  This varies because some are open and some are closed. This can affect how an app is made available to potential users.  If the marketplace for the app is full it may be difficult to get people interested in the app.  For some new developers this can be a challenge itself trying to get past this step in the process. On average this can take a few months to a year to get a good idea on what the platform is for the app.

The App is Then Programmed

During this phase the language is determined for the app. In this case it may involve choosing something such as Java to continue on in the building phase. This language allows an application (app) to be developed for more than one platform.  This makes an app more accessible to users with different devices. This process is said to be more efficient but it can affect how long it takes to complete the app.

App Is Ready for the Market upon Release

Since there are different marketplaces the final stage may be somewhat time consuming.  There are open and closed marketplaces that screen content of the app before it decides to include it.  Some marketplaces with less restriction can start selling the application directly to customers.  This sets the stage for cost setting of an app.  In some cases other avenues may be used to cover the cost of development such as pop-up ads and other forms of advertising while using the app.

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